Friday, October 2


Friday, October 2 | 6:30p | Hy-Vee Ron Pearson Center

– Banquet ticket and event information here

Sunday, October 4

Morning Services

CELEBRATION GATHERING at the Student Campus*

4 – 6p | Student Campus, 6800 Townsend Ave

There will be food trucks available for food purchase. This gathering replaces the 6p Evening Service.

*The gathering was initially to be held at Lions Park, but has been moved due to weather.


262,800 hours, 10,950 days, over 3,000 services…

Thirty years.

God has blessed the New Hope community, causing it to grow from a small group of 17 core individuals in 1990 into a thriving, vibrant church body. This growth has allowed New Hope to make a significant impact not only in the Urbandale community, but in global ministry through missions giving. The more we grow, the more we are able to give generously.

This October, we’re turning our focus to Home Missions and bringing Jesus to our communities and nation. We’re Making Missions Matter by asking for 100% participation by the church body in at least one of three ways:


1. Praying

Pray that the Gospel would be preached in our schools, workplaces, businesses, and for workers to be raised up to accomplish that goal. EVERY believer should be doing this!


2. Giving

Whether you give your time, your money, or share your testimony with someone, make “giving” a core part of your Christian walk.

New Hope is proud to make a local impact by funding missionaries and missions projects. Our church is currently #9 in top giving among all AG churches, as well as #1 in Speed the Light and #3 in BGMC giving. We encourage everyone to give a designated missions offering on a recurring basis. It’s not about the amount you give–it’s about the sacrifice for the sake of the Gospel. If you would like to set up a one-time or recurring missions offering, you can do so securely on our website here.


3. Going

“Going” isn’t just for those with a call to full-time missions. You can “go” to your neighborhood, school, or workplace and passionately share the Gospel. As believers we are called to go into ALL the world, which includes the world right around us!

If you do feel a call to home or world missions work, now is the time to commit to the call and explore short-term or long-term missions assignments. As a first step, contact Pastor James Weaver at 515.778.4524, or



Pastor John Lindell is devoted to seeing the local church thrive and make a greater impact for the cause of Christ. He serves as Lead Pastor at James River Church in the Springfield, Missouri area with his wife, Debbie. 


Doug Clay is the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God (US).

Clay has a passionate love for the local church; he is a church health enthusiast and he effectively equips leaders to grow in their calling. Clay is the author of Ordered Steps and Dreaming in 3D.

He and his wife, Gail, have two grown daughters and seven grandchildren.