Groups at New Hope

Connect to God. Connect to Each Other.

Spiritual growth and maturity happens through small groups, which was Jesus’ model for discipleship and how the New Testament Church functioned on a day-to-day basis. Find a group that suits your God-given interests, passions, and talents below!


Life Groups are comprised of 6-12 people who meet regularly in a home setting. These groups connect spiritually and socially as they share faith, fun, and fellowship along with life experience and prayer. Browse through New Hope’s current Life Groups, and fill out the group interest form to get connected!

Gather with others who like to do the same things as you, and build friendships within the church family at the same time! Shared Interest Groups are always growing, and new groups are added as new shared hobbies and interests are discovered.

As part of New Hope’s effort to more thoroughly equip people to live for Christ and serve His purposes in the church and community, we offer Bible-based education classes for all ages. Connect with others as you learn about God’s Word! Current Groups are as follows:


See our classes here

These groups work to provide spiritual, relational, and emotional support to their members who are working through difficult situations, transitions, or life-altering issues. 

These small groups gather regularly to pray for the needs of both the church at home and overseas. Our Missions and Prayer groups are always expanding and increasing in order to accommodate the growing needs of specific ministries around the world. Current opportunities are as follows:

  • Join with three or more people to pray strategically for missionaries who are planting churches among unreached people groups in places that are often hostile to Christianity.

Browse our available groups below. Click on one to email that group’s leaders. Our pastors and group leaders would love to get you involved!