New Hope

Early Childhood

Christ-Centered Childcare for Infants Through Pre-K

NH Tots is New Hope’s nursery & early childhood ministry serving infants through preschool-aged children. Childcare in the nursery is provided during all regular service times, and caretaking is done through vetted and trustworthy New Hope volunteers. We look forward to serving your child in a safe and welcoming environment as we learn about the love of Christ together!

 Sunday Mornings

8:30a and 11a | Early Childhood Area, 1st Floor Main Building, 4425 70th St

Kids from birth up through preschool will have a blast at NH Tots! We begin our worship services with fun worship music and a Bible story, then break out to activity, craft, and snack rooms.


 Sunday School

10a | Early Childhood Area, 1st Floor Main Building, 4425 70th St

For Infants through Pre-K


 Sunday Nights

6p Service | Early Childhood Area, 1st Floor Main Building, 4425 70th St

Nursery for infants and Early Childhood services are now available on Sunday nights!


6:30p | Early Childhood Area, 1st Floor Main Building, 4425 70th St

NH Tots have a fun, interactive large group time and then go to small groups on Wednesdays. Nursery care is available.

Want to volunteer in Early Childhood?

We’re looking for additional workers in our small group rooms like Snack room, Craft room, etc. If you would like to volunteer, click here!

Meet Early Childhood Pastor, Brianna Hill

Pastor Brianna Hill is New Hope’s Early Childhood Pastor. With a degree in Youth, Children and Family Studies, Pastor Brianna is well-equipped and passionate about serving your children with the best care possible.

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What to Expect at New Hope Early Childhood Care

Upon your child’s first visit to the nursery or preschool rooms, come to the counter at the entrance of the Early Childhood Area. A team member will register your child in our system with family contact information and other pertinent information. After registration, you will be given a nametag for your child and a receipt. Your child will be walked back to their age-appropriate classroom where the nurturing and fun begins! To check out your child, simply bring the receipt back to the check-in counter. A team member will then bring your child and their belongings back to you.

It is never easy to leave someone you love, therefore it is normal for little ones to cry while being dropped off in the early childhood area. Our caring team members will immediately try to soothe your child while assuring them of your return. If your child cries for a period exceeding 10-15 minutes, we will text you.

In order that our volunteers and staff can best serve your little one, please bring a clearly labeled diaper bag with diapers, wipes, bottle or sippy cup, and pacifiers or other comfort items. If you are bringing an older child with a diaper or sippy cup only, be sure that they are labeled. If your child is potty training, please bring a change of clothes for them in case they have an accident while in our care.

Babies in the nursery and two-year-olds are offered Cheerios and Animal Crackers if it is indicated on their nametag as acceptable. Preschoolers are offered allergy-friendly snacks unless otherwise noted on their nametag/registration.

In order to ensure that our nursery maintains a safe and healthy environment, we ask that you make sure your child has been symptom-free for at least 24 hours before coming to church. If symptoms arise while your child is in our care, we will text you so that your child can be comforted by you for the remainder of the service.

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Questions? Reach out to Pastor Brianna.