Classes at New Hope

Grow in Your Faith with a Study-Focused Group

At New Hope, our desire is that all of our people are growing in their relationship with God. That growth doesn’t just happen by attending a Sunday morning service. Whether you are at the beginning of your spiritual journey or have been following Christ for years, our Education and Study Group opportunities are designed to aid you in the process of becoming a fully-devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

All classes operate on a drop-in basis unless otherwise stated in the below class description, and are catered to an adult audience. For young adult and kids classes, Sunday school, and activities, check out our ministries page. Please contact us with any questions or details.

Current Classes

Sunday Classes | 9:15am

Jesus, Up Close and Personal

Pastor Don Hawkins | Main Auditorium

A verse-by-verse study of John’s gospel gives us a unique view of Jesus, introducing Him as the Word of God, Lamb of God and Son of God, so “that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name.”

Destroy What Steals Your Strength

Dale Acheson / Ullestad Chapel

The New Testament Churchand believers throughout historythrived in the midst of opposition and persecution. Is that supernatural strength evident in us today? Let’s explore the truths we must embrace in order to walk the challenging but rewarding path of transformation.


Pastor Gary Walter | Rm 230

Our study transitions from the awesome throne room scene in the heavens to catastrophic devastation on earth during the future tribulation period. We’ll consider the implications for us today.

Naturalism: Beyond the Freedom

Jim Stearns | New Hope Java

Naturalism tries to explain things apart from the existence of God or accountability to a higher power. We’ll expose the weaknesses of this worldview by considering how it compares to Christianity in addressing such issues as the origins of the universe, purpose of life, good and evil, love, justice, and moral consciousness.

God’s Solutions to Life’s Problems

Cory Hansen | Rm 212

Troubles, obstacles, challenges, problems—whatever term you use, life is filled with a never-ending string of them. But God’s Word says we are more than conquerors. Join us and let’s find out how.

Raising World Changers in a Changing World

Torrie Bagley | Rm 224

We will learn how to teach our kids the beauty of sacrifice and the joy of giving—things that will allow them to make an impact on the culture and world around them.

Young Adults-John’s Gospel

Pastors Austin Weaver & Brian Smith | Rm 170 (enter southeast door)

Join us as we journey through the account of Jesus’ life written by perhaps His closest friend while on earth—the apostle John.

Single Parents

Pastor Carey Huffman / Jose Ochoa | Rm 168 (enter southeast door)

This is a new group for women and men who are parenting solo. Whether married before or never married, this group will provide encouragement and insight in dealing with your unique life issues. You may be a single parent, but you don’t have to parent alone.

Vida Nueva

Eduardo Plascencia | Main Building Second Floor, by back stairway

Unidad 3: Las principales creencias del cristianismo

Unidad 4: Las cartas a los Tesalonicenses

Wednesday Classes | 6:30pm

Through the Eyes of the Physician

Pastor Don Hawkins | Ullestad Chapel

We’ll take a look at Jesus’ miracles as seen through the eyes of Luke and recorded in his Gospel.

The Gospel of Mark

Pastor Jeff Hill | Rm 212

The study of the Gospel of Mark will trace the steps of Jesus and His disciples, exploring the major themes of the book. Each session will have a short video teaching by Francis Chan on location in Israel.

Ladies’ Discipleship

Torrie Bagley | Rm 224

Finding God Faithful: a study on the life of Joseph. We will be exploring this through January and February.

Men’s Discipleship

Don Conn| Student Campus Conference Room

We’ll learn some vital life lessons from the New Testament letters of one of Jesus’ closest followers—the apostle John (1, 2, and 3 John).

The Book of Jeremiah

Pastor Gary Walter | Student Campus Fellowship Hall B

Fulfilled prophesy—it’s one of the undeniable proofs of the authenticity of Scripture—and the book of Jeremiah contains a lot of it. The history and prophesy recorded by this faithful man of God in the midst of great hardship reveals the eternal truth and faithfulness of God’s Word.

Hebrews, pt. 2

Terry Knisley| Student Campus SC-03

The book of Hebrews is like a bridge between Old Testament law and New Testament grace and faith. It shows us how God’s Word can impact our lives today.

Young Men’s Life Group

Pastor Brian Smith | Friedrich’s Coffee (4632 NW 86th Street)

This informal gathering of young guys 25+ is doing a discussion-oriented study of the Gospel of John.

Other Study & Fellowship Opportunities

Ladies’ Bible Study & Prayer

Sue Thompson | Monday @ 1pm, New Hope Java

We’re studying 1 Thessalonians using the book, Contagious Christianity by Chuck Swindoll.

Celebrate Recovery

Tuesday @ 6pm, Student Campus

This is a Christ-centered, 12-step program for anyone dealing with life-controlling hurts, habits, or hang-ups of any kind.

Men’s Bible Discussion

Thursday @ 7:30am, New Hope Java

Ladies’ Bible Study

Jo Northway | Friday @ 10am, Rm 212

Our study will be based on A Lineage of Grace, by Francine Rivers—a Bible-based story about five unique women in the lineage of Jesus.

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