Adult Sunday School

Making disciples is the priority of the great commission Jesus gave us in Matthew 28:19. Sunday school is the largest thrust of our discipleship and Bible training throughout the week. From birth to high school, our children are engaged in systematic teaching which covers all the basic doctrines and major stories of the Bible. We encourage everyone to get involved in Sunday school. There are graded classes for children and teens, and various elective topics for adults. Get plugged in!

Our classes this quarter:

Sundays, 9:15 AM


Jesus, Up Close and Personal

Pastor Don Hawkins | Main Auditorium

This verse-by-verse study of John’s Gospel—the Good News of what Jesus said and what Jesus did—is destined to bring an enlightened understanding of who Jesus is.


Mission 101

Pastor Carey Huffman | Ullestad Chapel

This is a test run for a new discipleship course that will be foundational to all we do at New Hope, from discipling new believers to equipping leaders for all areas of ministry. We encourage participation and feedback from current volunteers in the early stages of this ongoing, 4-session course.



Pastor Gary Walter | Rm 230

Imagine, the big reveal: a message from God the Father given through His Son, Jesus, then entrusted to us—a message for today and for the future, offering a warning to the world and hope for the church.


Biblical Perspectives on Cultural Issues

Pastor James Weaver | New Hope Java

While it may be more comfortable to avoid conversations about divisive cultural issues, Christians cannot afford to sit back and let society own the arguments. We must learn to address issues like religion, politics and sexuality from a perspective of truth and grace.


Practical Principles for Parenting

Reah Adamson | Room 212

Good parenting isn’t about following the best tips and techniques or doing everything “right.” It’s about basing our lives on the perspectives and principles of the gospel and relying on God’s grace to guide everything we do as parents and bring about real life-change in our kids.


Lost Baggage

Torrie Bagley | Rm 224

When you travel, it’s best to pack light! The same is true for life. Come explore the kinds of baggage you’ll want to lose if you hope to experience a better life!


Faith in Action

Pastors Austin Weaver & Brian Smith | Rm 168 (enter south east door)

A video series with Francis Chan works through the book of James, challenging us to move beyond a private, intellectual knowledge of God to vibrant faith impacting every aspect of life.


Vida Nueva

Eduardo Plascencia | Upstairs by back Stairway

Unidad 3: Salmos escogidos de David

Unidad 4: La pistola a los Hebreos