Adult Sunday School

Making disciples is the priority of the great commission Jesus gave us in Matthew 28:19. Sunday school is the largest thrust of our discipleship and Bible training throughout the week. From birth to high school, our children are engaged in systematic teaching which covers all the basic doctrines and major stories of the Bible. We encourage everyone to get involved in Sunday school. There are graded classes for children and teens, and various elective topics for adults. Get plugged in!


Sundays, 9:15 AM

Our classes this quarter:


Jesus, Up Close and Personal

Pastor Don Hawkins | Main Auditorium

A verse-by-verse study of John’s gospel gives us a unique view of Jesus, introducing Him as the Word of God, Lamb of God and Son of God, so “that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name.”


Destroy What Steals Your Strength

Dale Acheson | Ullestad Chapel

The New Testament Church—and believers throughout history—thrived in the midst of opposition and persecution. Is that supernatural strength evident in us today? Let’s explore the truths we must embrace in order to walk the challenging but rewarding path of transformation.



Pastor Gary Walter | Rm 230

Our study continues from the opening of the seven seals on the scroll recorded in chapter five, to catastrophic devastation as trumpet and bowl judgements are poured out on earth’s inhabitants during the future tribulation. We’ll consider the implications for us today.


Cultural Confusion & Biblical Clarity

Lowell Scott | New Hope Java

God’s Word clearly reveals how we are to live victoriously in the midst of worldly distortions and distractions. Engaging biblical answers to our most pressing cultural questions will equip you to respond confidently with the truth our society needs.


Miracles in the Bible

Cory Hansen | Room 212

We will study Old and New Testament miracles. Why did they happen? Who was involved? And what can we learn about how God wants to work among us today?


Grace in the Valley

Torrie Bagley | Rm 224

We will study various aspects of the Lord’s prayer by drawing from the book, Grace in the Valley, by Heath Adamson.


Young Adults–John’s Gospel

Pastors Austin Weaver & Brian Smith | Rm 170 (enter southeast door)

Join us as we journey through the account of Jesus’ life written by perhaps His closest friend while on earth—the apostle John.


Single Parents

Pastor Carey Huffman / Jose Ochoa | Rm 168 (enter southeast door)

This is a new group for women and men who are parenting solo. Whether married before or never married, this group will provide encouragement and insight in dealing with your unique life issues. You may be a single parent, but you don’t have to parent alone.


Vida Nueva

Eduardo Plascencia | Main Building Second Floor, by back stairway

Unidad 1: Las profecías de Daniel

Unidad 2: El Evangelio en los Gálatas