The Book of Jeremiah

Teacher: Pastor Gary Walter

Location: Student Campus – Fellowship Hall B


Have you ever “swam upstream” at a crowded event, moving in the opposite direction from the rest of the crowd? Do your opinions on major issues seem “out of step” with your neighbor’s views? Going against the flow can be lonely, even when you’re surrounded by multitudes of people. That describes the life and world of the prophet Jeremiah. God commissioned him to warn the people that their world was about to collapse. The nation’s capital and infrastructure would be decimated. Their magnificent temple would be ransacked and burned to the ground. Their treasure would be carted away and their elites would be captured and destined to serve Babylon. Jeremiah had to speak. But God’s message to  Jeremiah: the people won’t listen. There’s a reason many refer to Jeremiah as “the weeping prophet.” Come see how his experience connects with the cultural climate of today.