Sunday School

Sundays | 9:15 am

Making disciples is the priority of the great commission Jesus gave us in Matthew 28:19. Sunday school is the largest thrust of our discipleship and Bible training throughout the week. From birth to high school, our children are engaged in systematic teaching which covers all the basic doctrines and major stories of the Bible. We encourage everyone to get involved in Sunday school. There are graded classes for children and teens, and various elective topics for adults. Get plugged in!


Our classes this quarter:



Pastor Don Hawkins | Main Sanctuary

The Israelites’ Old Testament journey from slavery to the Promised Land parallels our spiritual journey today.


The Fear of the Lord

Dale Acheson | Ullestad Chapel

A holy reverence for God is the key to a solid and secure spiritual foundation and allows us to unlock the treasures of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge.


Daniel and Revelation

Pastor Gary Walter | Rm 230

This end times study will transition from Daniel’s prophecy to a fresh look at the Book of Revelation.


The Life of David

Pastor James Weaver | New Hope Java

Whether it’s great triumphs or epic failures, most of us can relate in some way to David. But if we continually rely on God, we too can be people “after God’s own heart.”


Parenting in a Sexualized Culture

Torrie Bagley | Rm 224

We’ll explore what the Bible says about sex and learn to have healthy conversations with our kids about remaining pure in a technology-driven, sexualized culture.


Sharing Jesus (Without Freaking Out!)

Cory Hansen | Room 212

Evangelism is less about delivering a polished message and more about having real conversations as Jesus gives you the opportunity to influence other people.


1 Corinthians (College-age & Young Adults)

Pastors Austin Weaver & Brian Smith | Rm 168 (enter southeast door)

Christian living and church life are sometimes messy, but the truth of God’s Word and power of His Spirit enable us to effectively follow Jesus every day.


Vida Nueva

Eduardo Plascencia | Main Building Second Floor, by back stairway

Unidad 1: Grandes mujeres de fe Unidad 2: El fruto y los dones del Espíritu