Sunday School

Making disciples is the priority of the great commission Jesus gave us in Matthew 28:19. Sunday school is the largest thrust of our discipleship and Bible training throughout the week. From birth to high school, our children are engaged in systematic teaching which covers all the basic doctrines and major stories of the Bible. We encourage everyone to get involved in Sunday school. There are graded classes for children and teens, and various elective topics for adults. Get plugged in!


Our classes this quarter:

The Book of James | Teacher: Dale Acheson

Let My People Go! | Teacher: Pastor Don Hawkins

The Holy Spirit in Your Everyday Life  | Teacher: Pastor James Weaver

Bible Trek | Teacher: Cory Hanson

Plotting, Planning, and Prophecy: The Book of Daniel| Teacher: Pastor Gary Walter

FamilyLife: The End of Me – Lessons From Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount   | Teacher:  Torrie Bagley

Be Strong: The Book of Joshua – Young Adults 18-35 | Teacher: Pastor Brian Smith & Pastor Austin Weaver

Vida Nueva | Teacher: Eduardo Plascencia

New Hope Prayer Team | Teacher: Jesse Helmick