Revelation: What it Says to Us

Teacher: Jim Daniel

Location: Main Building – Room 229


Many studies have been in vogue over this final book of the Bible and yet most don’t satisfy the need we have as people of God to find things applicable to the life we currently live. Rather, this book is viewed simply as a teaching of the things to come. It certainly is that, but it is more because it also speaks to us as we sojourn through our natural life on the way to our eternal home. As we travel through Revelation we will attempt to study both aspects of the book, unraveling some of the questions, leaving others to be revealed later by the Lord, and seeing what this view of the future says to us in the present. If one comes expecting all questions to be answered…sorry. Some will be studied, but those may very well raise others, some might just have to await the Lord’s unveiling in the future while others will be addressed in class.