Dangerous Faith – Young Adults (Ages 23-35)

Teacher: Pastor Brian Smith & Pastor Austin Weaver

Location: Main Building – Room 168 (Enter Southeast Door)


The Acts of the Apostles is, perhaps, the Scriptures’ most dramatic book. It’s full of  startling events: flames of fire at Pentecost, the creation of the church, miracles, persecutions, martyrdom, healing, the conversion of the Gentiles, death-defying journeys, imprisonment, beatings, arguments…it’s all there

We’ll explore the dangerous faith of the first-century church and that of persecuted Christians today. It’s a journey which will take us not only through the Roman world, but also to China, Colombia, Iraq, the Philippines, Pakistan, and many more places where persecution and opposition are, today, revealing remarkable truths about the strength and the depth and the greatness of God’s love.

Each week consists of looking at a story from the book of Acts, a short video, and discussion to apply it to our lives! This class is specifically designed for college age and young adults, single or married.