Built – Young Adults (Ages 23-35)

Teacher: Pastor Brian Smith

Location: Main Building – Room 168 (Enter Southeast Door)


What does it mean to be built? How do we build a life that like a wisely built house, stands the test of time? Built dives into what it means to let Jesus build your life like a house, from the foundation to the rooftop. Starting from the inside out, Jesus is THE builder who comes in and loves us just the way we are, even with all our stuff we don’t want anyone to see. It is only when we let Jesus be the builder that we can become the men and women that He has dreamed for us to be. Jesus has more in mind for our lives than we could ever dream of – if we realize that point of life isn’t to get a plan, but to get God. He is the ultimate builder; for it is by wisdom a house is built. Each class is a short video by Louis Giglio with a built-in discussion.  This class is a great place to build friendships and is specifically designed for young adults between 23 – 35, single or married.