Curriculum & Tools for Parents

We use 252 Basics, a curriculum especially for K–5th graders. Based on Luke 2:52, the curriculum is built around three basic truths:

  1. Wisdom: I need to make the wise choice. 
  2. Faith: I can trust God no matter what.
  3. Friendship: I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

The three basic truths are amplified through 36 monthly virtues (such as: honesty, faith, and kindness) and 150 Bible stories. Every week there is a key Truth or Bottom Line that we drive home—it’s the one thing we want kids to understand and grab hold of during the kids church time.

Kids Devotional – God Time
We want our kids to establish a lifelong habit of spending time with God. As a guide, we provide God Time Cards; weekly devotions designed to encourage them to spend time reading the Bible and talking to God at home. Kids can find their weekly God Time Cards inside their Kids Bulletin, passed out in NH Kids each Sunday. If you miss a Sunday, God Time cards are always available at the Kids Events Center.

Parent Tools – Weekly Parent Cue
Located inside your child’s Kids Bulletin is a also a tool for you, it’s called a Parent Cue. Each Parent Cue card communicates four things: the month’s life app (or the week’s faith skill), the month’s memory verse, the week’s Bible story, a specific question(s) for parents to ask their child and talk about. This Parent Cue is an AWESOME tool for you to use to help instill and apply on a daily basis what your children are learning at church each week.