About New Hope


"Heaven" by Alice Wetzel

“Heaven” by Alice Wetzel

The Vision of our church is “Heaven.” And our Mission is “to go to Heaven and take as many people with us as possible.” It is not our goal to build a religious organization or to simply build buildings. Our church is about People, Relationships, and the Hope that the good news of Jesus Christ offers to all.


New Hope is a missions-minded church. We support more than 80 home and foreign missionaries and projects. New Hope is listed among the top missions-giving churches in the Assemblies of God.


New Hope has been one of the fastest-growing churches in Iowa. The pastoral team attributes the membership growth to the sincere, hardworking people who place an emphasis not so much on the practice of religion in a public setting, but on a relationship with Jesus Christ and on Christ-like relationships with each other. The pastors are truly thankful for the opportunity to serve such a wonderful congregation.


We are united even though our members come from all walks of life. You will notice that our expressions of faith, thanks, and worship vary. Many will pray and thank God audibly during times of corporate thanksgiving and prayer. Some will pray silently, expressing little outward emotion, while others will weep openly before the Lord communicating their love and adoration in tears. Regardless of style, each sincere expression is welcomed.


Hand clapping will often occur during the singing of choruses. It also is used spontaneously as a form of adoration to God, showing approval and pleasure in Him and His work in the church. Raised hands during times fo worship is another expression common to the church. To the believer it is an outward sign of surrender to God and His will. These visible expressions are not for show but rather avenues for communicating with God.