This year, our focus is the continent of India. India is 90% unreached by the Gospel, and our AG World Missionaries work hard every day to share the love of Jesus with the over 1.3 billion people who live there. Join us this year at our Sunday services and Wednesday night classes, when our missionaries will share stories with us of the great things God is doing in India.

Missions Convention 2022

March 27 – April 3

For safety reasons, we cannot publish the names of our guest missionaries.


Sunday, March 27


All morning services | 8a, 9:30a, 11a

Evening Service | 6p | Missionary Window


Wednesday, March 30

YTH Missions Service with Missionary Guest | 6:30p | Student Campus

Our missionaries to India will visit our Wednesday night adult classes.


Friday, April 1

MISSIONS BANQUET with Missionary Guest Speaker

6:30p | Hy-Vee Ron Pearson Center

– Banquet ticket and event information here


Sunday, March 3

MISSIONS SUNDAY with Missionary Guest

All morning services | 8a, 9:30a, 11a

Our missionaries will be visiting Sunday school classes at 9:30a and 11a.

Evening Service | 6p | Missionary Windows


We have three projects you can give toward that aid our missions efforts in India!


“Business as Missions” Projects

These projects fund businesses in India that put missionaries in direct contact with their community, facilitate relationships, and provide jobs for additional missions workers.


  • Kolkata – $45,000
  • Mumbai – $21,000
  • Lucknow – $15,000
  • Bhim Tal – $10,000
  • Chandigarh – $25,000

To give toward this project, designate your gift “BAM [city name].”

Help purchase water buffalos and goats for pastors in India through BGMC! The money they raise from the milk and selling goats is used for their children’s education!

Water buffalo = $750

Goats = $150

To give toward this project, designate your gift “BGMC project.”

Speed the Light helps provide vehicles for missionaries. One of our missionary couples in Botswana* needs a vehicle!

*While Botswana is in Africa, we are committed to helping our missionaries at all times!

Goal: $45,000

To give toward this project, designate your gift “STL project.”