Missions & Prayer Groups

live dead pray band

Keep the Fire Alive: Join a Live Dead Pray Band

Don’t let your enthusiasm for missions fade following our Spring Convention. Join a LIVE DEAD Pray Band—a group of three or more individuals who partner in prayer for a specific team of missionaries planting churches among unreached people groups. Our missionaries tell us that prayer is the most important aspect of our support.

To become part of a Pray Band, contact Pastor Carey at carey@newhope.church, or check the table in the lobby during our upcoming Missions Convention.

What is Live Dead?

Live Dead is a grassroots missions movement committed to planting churches among unreached people groups. In the seven world regions where Live Dead is active, there are over 4,600 unreached people groups representing 2.99 billion individuals.

Why do they need me?

In most of these regions, the governments are opposed to Christian ministry. Missionaries who serve there do so at the risk of the own lives. But the real battle is not against hostile governments or human opposition. The battle is spiritual, so it must be waged in the spiritual realm. That’s why every missionary we support tells us the most important thing we can do for them is to pray.

Just as we are committed to supporting our missionaries through finances and other resources, we’re also backing our Live Dead teams with prayer support through a small group network of Pray Bands.

How do Pray Bands work?

As a member of a Pray Band, you will get regular updates from your Live Dead partners in the field. Then, all you need to do is:

  • PRAY daily for your team
  • MEET monthly with your group
  • IMPACT eternity for people across the globe

Things happen when we pray that won’t happen if we don’t pray.

Sign Me Up!

Sign up in the lobby to pray for one of ten specific regions. You can sign up as a team or individually. After Missions Convention, we will be in contact to assemble teams that will meet once a month.


Reach the world from here at home. Join the 10/40 LIFE GROUP

This new, short-term, missions-focused group is designed for anyone—youth or adult—who has a heart to reach out to those of other nationalities, ethnicities and cultures. Whether you’re called to full-time missions or simply want to be more engaged in cross-cultural ministry within our city, 10/40 will inspire and equip you to share the love and message of Jesus with unreached people groups at home and abroad.

Stop by the table in the lobby to sign up or get more info. Contact Pastor Carey at carey@newhope.church with questions.