New to NH tots

How do I check in?

If you are planning to visit New Hope, we look forward to meeting you! We want you to feel confident that your child will be safe and cared for tenderly while learning about the love of Christ.

  1. Come to the counter at the entrance of the Early Childhood Area.
  2. A friendly NH tots Team Member will enter your family’s contact information as well as any information pertinent to your child’s care, into our check-in system.
  3. Then, you will be given a name badge for your child, and a receipt and pager for you.
  4. We will walk your child back to their age appropriate classroom where the learning and fun begins!
  5. To check-out your child, simply bring the receipt and pager back to the check-in counter. A team member will then bring your child and their belongings back to you!

It is never easy to leave someone you love, therefore it is normal for little ones to cry while being dropped off. Our caring team members will immediately try to soothe your child while assuring them that you will return soon.  If your child cries for a period exceeding 10-15 minutes, we will page you.