NH Kids Rules & Expectations

At NH Kids we have three simple rules: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Ready to Learn. We call these rules our “Kids Church Code” and we make it clear to the kids that we expect everyone to follow this code.

If a child chooses to be disrespectful to our adult helpers (i.e. back talk, refusal to listen/obey), they will receive a warning. After three warnings, we will be in contact with the parent. This contact will either be immediate (we will pull you out of service) or will be right after the service has concluded (through phone call or face to face contact).

If a child curses, throws things, runs away, or becomes violent during church, you will be contacted immediately and we will forgo the three warnings policy at that time. If a child has to be removed from the classroom for one of these reasons, they will not be allowed to come back for the duration of that service.