Planting Day 2019 | New Hope Blessing Garden

Planting Day begins at 10 AM on Saturday, May 4, 2019. You may bring your own gardening tools (spade, hoe, etc.) if you would like.

Contact the Marks at 515-490-2030


The Blessing Garden is located behind the yellow house at 4513 70th St in Urbandale. Please do not enter from 70th Street and walk through the property to the back to reach the garden. You may park behind the church in the lot or in the grass lot, and walk through behind the backyards heading north, away from the church building. This is to respect the neighbors and the occupants of the house. 

Attention: this Google Maps photo is outdated; a street was built in between the church building and the houses to the north. You will cross this street on the way to the Blessing Garden.