Parking Lot First Impressions

This team provides the first impression of the church by managing the flow of the parking lot during services and events, welcoming people, and shuttling guests from various areas of the campus.

Age: 16+

Kids Check-In

This team warmly welcomes families as they arrive at our kids areas, helping to ensure a quick and efficient check-in process so that both children and parents have a wonderful experience.

Age: 15+, Background Check

Welcome Center

These team members serve as hosts for our guests during main gatherings and events, helping to ensure a friendly environment by providing information, assistance, and direction to all areas of the building.

Events Center

These team members provide information and generate participation for upcoming events, including sign-ups and registration when applicable.

Fresh Start

These team members serve as hosts at our Fresh Start Center in the main foyer where people can find help and resources to assist them in beginning a vibrant personal relationship with God.

Door Holders

These team members greet people outside on Sunday mornings, lending assistance to people as they enter the building.


These team members ensure that as people enter the building they are warmly welcomed and sense God’s love.


These team members provide baked goods and serve as hosts for the Sunday morning Meet & Greet with Pastor Jeff. This is a great opportunity for people to meet with a pastor.

Ushers/Auditorium Hosts

This team helps ensure a welcoming environment by assisting people with seating, offering, and maintaining a distraction-free environment.

Communion Prep

This team makes sure all the elements of communion are ready for service.

Coffee Ministry

This team serves people by making and serving coffee at New Hope Java on Sunday mornings.