Caring Ministries

Hospital Visitation

When someone has to stay in the hospital due to surgery or illness, we want them to know that we care about them, we’re praying for them, and desire to serve them however we can.

Shut-in Visitation

Some people have a hard time making it to church due to illness or physical limitations. Through this caring ministry we want to bring the love of Christ to the homebound through fellowship, sharing of the Word and prayer.

Funeral Meals

Losing a loved one to death is a difficult thing. We have a team of people who prepare food and serve a meal for family and friends after the funeral service. This is a tremendous blessing to the family of the bereaved.


Cooking is a gift and pastime that many people enjoy. If that is you, this is a ministry opportunity for you to bless families who are bringing a new baby home from the hospital or those coming home from surgery by providing meals for their family.


If you are interested in any of these Caring Ministries, please contact the church office and we will notify the appropriate ministry leader.